Every anniversary of the day you were born, it’s common to think back and recognize all the things you haven’t accomplished yet, but that is not healthy. As I look back on my 27 years, I want to remember everything I have done in my life and it helps to realize I have done more in a short 27 years than most people have done in a lifetime.  I’m not saying any of this to brag. I want to inspire others to take a long look at your life and realize you have so much to be thankful for. So for my 27th birthday, I thought I’d do 27 facts about me for y’all to really get to know me!:)

  1. I was born and raised in Michigan.
  2. I grew up dancing since I was 2.
  3. I danced competitively traveling all over the country including ohio, florida, vegas, etc.  That was some of my favorite memories growing up.
  4. I first traveled abroad in 5th grade to Germany and was hooked ever since.
  5. I’ve traveled to almost all of Europe and other countries including Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, England, Scotland, Malta, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Honduras, Belize and still counting.
  6. I graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in photojournalism.
  7. I went to the 2013 Presidential Inauguration with my senior photo class in college and it was the best experience of my photojournalism college career.
  8. I interned with my schools athletic department shooting sports. Photographing action shots were amazing and so much fun.
  9. I studied abroad in London and Paris, which was my first time abroad by myself.
  10. After college, I went to Utah for an internship with the national park service for the summer. That was where I met my husband. He was a ranger, and photographed him. The rest is history.
  11. I interned with Disney the following Fall. I miss it everyday.
  12. I moved to Dallas, Texas in 2014 and began an internship with the Dallas Morning News.
  13. The DMN was my last job working for someone else. After that, I started Kirsten McGee Photography.
  14. September 4, 2014, I got engaged.
  15. January 2015, we moved into our first apartment together.
  16. April 2015, we got our first baby. A 10 week old beagle boy named Rio.
  17. October 22, 2016, we got married.
  18. December 2016, We went on Viking cruise through the Mediterranean for our honeymoon.
  19. February 2017, we bought our first house.
  20. I’ve learned comparison is the thief of everything. Be happy with what you have no matter how many “followers” you have.
  21. I’ve recently become vegan. First and foremost for health reasons, but now more for the innocent animals and our environment.
  22. Since becoming vegan, I have enjoyed more time in the Kitchen creating new recipes.  The biggest misconception of veganism is that most people think it is a restrictive diet. The truth is you don’t have to give up ANYTHING when you become vegan.
  23. I’m slowly learning to be my complete self and not worry about anything anyone thinks about me. I struggled with this when I was younger, but I’m becoming much more confident in myself.
  24. I now prefer to spend money on experiences rather than material items.
  25. I’m becoming much more minimalistic. This one goes with #24.
  26. I’ve really developed my own opinions. I never did this when I was younger. I always went with what everybody else said and didn’t think about things for myself. Seriously, I’ve come a looong way and now, I can actually have a friendly debate on any topic.
  27. I’m excited to see what my 27th trip around the sun has in store for me. If it’s anything like the last 26 years, I’m in for one wild ride!

Some things on  my bucket list for this year:

  1. book a destination wedding
  2. book more weddings for videography
  3. grow my youtube channel. I’ll be veganizing cultural dishes to show you don’t have to give anything up and still eat yummy food
  4. travel to at least one new place i’ve never been. Bonus if its a crazy cool new country.
  5. discover new hiking and camping spots with the hubs.
  6. enjoy whatever life brings

*I’ll be updating this as I go

Travel is the best education: Mount Rainier NP

A couple weeks ago, we took a trip to Seattle, Washington.  One of the highlights was visiting Mount Rainier.  Being in nature helps me relax and feel at peace, which is a great change of pace from a world of nothing but social media.  Since Stephen and I met in a national park, we especially love visiting new parks together. I’ll stop talking now and just let the video speak for itself. Do you enjoy being out in nature? What is your favorite national park?

Bridal Session: Erika

I had such a great time with Erika and her mom during Erika’s bridal session. The one thing I liked about working with Erika is that she understands how photographers work.  She was every photographers dream bride. Her laid backness allowed me to capture the shots I needed, so I can give her the best images possible.

Wedding story: Jack and Dianne

Here’s a Little ditty from Jack and Dianne’s wedding day! It was a small and beautiful wedding at Chestnut Square Historic Village in Mckinney. These two were so great to work with. They are easy going and you can just see the love they have for one another.  Just look at these gorgeous photos!